Hey, we're the Mikkelsen Twins and we help others generate real passive income... even from this beach.

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We're just a couple of guys who want MORE from life and pass it on to you!

We are Rasmus and Christian, 23 year old identical twins (and best friends) and we have been full time online business owners and entrepreneurs ever since our college drop out days.

Now we travel the world doing what we love. That is called living the dream and yes, you can do the exact same thing.

After all, we are here to help YOU create the same life of freedom and adventure that we have through our online business.

Self-publishing is the exact online business that made everything possible for us today. It is the truest form on passive income where you can literally make money while you sleep.

This is why we put together a 100% Free Mini Course about audiobook publishing specifically. It includes:

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